Welcome to the Portfolio of Taylor Eruysal

I’m Taylor Eruysal, a game designer, artist, and musician. I recently graduated Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with an Electronic Arts concentration in the Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences program. My specialties are 3D art and game design, although I also have experience in rigging, animation, pixel art, music composition, and level design as well.

My work has included many team projects with specific requirements and deadlines. As a result, I’m flexible with artistic mediums, and I focus on the fundamentals of a product first and foremost.

I believe every team needs members that can act as a mediator within an artistic pipeline, and create products from a broad design viewpoint. My interests are always growing (I’m currently really interested in studying lighting and scene composition, for example), and above all else, I work to create experiences that look, feel, and engage audiences like no other.

This website contains the very best of my work. I hope you enjoy it.